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Chania Area

The Samariá Gorge is the longest one in Europe and a major tourist attraction of the island, is located in southwest Crete in the regional unit of Chania.

Chania city is the capital of Chania Prefecture, its administrative, economic, commercial and transportation center - located on its north-east part -  and the second biggest city in Crete.

Elafonissi is a small and beautiful island with white sand, which separates the mainland from the enclosed shallow and exotic lagoon with a depth of 1 meter or less, giving the impression of forming a cape.

Lake Kournas is the only freshwater lake in Crete with its own legends & myths, located 47 km from Chania city and very close to the borders with the prefecture of Rethymnon. A great destination for both winter and summer, a "painting" that adorns the prefecture of Chania. The Lake's current name derives from the Arabic word for lake.

The seaside village of Loutro is situated at a distance of about 71 km south of Chania, Sfakia province, at the tip of the Cape Mouri. It is believed that this was the site of the ancient city of Finikas (Phoenix), and was the port of ancient Anopolis.


Paleochora has a distance of 77 kilometres south of Chania town in south-western Crete. It is called the Bride of the Libyan Sea and is built on a long but narrow peninsula which stretches into the Libyan Sea on the south side of Crete.


Frangokastello is in the area of Sfakia, on the south coast of west Crete, 13 kilometres east of Chora Sfakion, 82 kiliometers south of Chania town and west of Plakias. Frangokastello (castle of the Franks, Castel Franco or Franco Castello) took its name from the beautiful fortress the Venetians built in the shape of a rectangle, with a square tower on every corner right on the beach in 1371.

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