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Sitia or Siteia is a charming amphitheatric town in Lassithi Prefecture, 73 km from Agios Nikolaos, on the side of a hill in the northeast of the island, with a population now over 11,000 residents.





Sitia town dominates in the homonymous bay and makes up a peaceful resort, in spite of tourism and development, for thousands of Greek and foreign visitors who will use it as a starting point to begin visiting the 45 villages, to taste the traditional Cretan hospitality and discover with admiration how every corner of Sitian land hides within an archaeological treasure, testifying to the great cultural tradition of the place. It is a quiet town that mainly attracts individual tourists and families.

Monuments are scattered everywhere, like the famous palaces of Minoan Zakros, the ruins of the Early Minoan settlement in the fishing village of Mochlos etc. Visitors in Sitia will get surprised by the numerous archaeological sites encountered. The eighty places of Minoan presence hosted in its soils are evidence of strong growth during the time of dawn of  the first great European civilization.

Here you can see the worship of Dikteon Zeus and that of the Christian faith, which was developed with the foundation of the first Old-Christian churches.

Nature's donations towards the province are more than generous and its contrasts are combined in total harmony. The high mountains, plateaus, hills, small valleys, ravines, gorges, caves and cave formations, steep and sandy shores,the African, Mediterranean and European landscape, the mild, violent, cool, dry, warm and cold climate create a unique natural environment with a multifaceted variety,that the visitors can hardly meet anywhere else.


Last but not least the visitor will encounter the genuine fun and joyous mood, the unpretentious friend and faithful servant of Xenios Zeus, in the faces of its locals.



Published in Lassithi Area

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